Helping Busy lives get in shape without spending endless hours in the gym or kitchen!

Who are we? How can we help you?

I do smile…promise.

I do smile…promise.

If you’ve made it here, it’s probably for one of two reasons, get shredded or BUILT like a TANK! Well, I’m here to tell you only ONE of those will be humanly possible! Now if you still here after that bad attempt of a joke, great!

My names Hassan, the sole & pride owner of ALL STRENGTH where my focus is YOU.

You’re here because you’ve tried it all. From the likes of Jillian Michael killer bun & thighs to the P90X DVDs your auntie got you for Christmas. You probably even saw some initial results that rapidly turned into diminishing returns, mostly due to extreme calorie restrictions, cutting out whole food-groups because obviously Susie from yoga said it contains gluten and gluten is bad! Disheartened, you discontinued because of the restricted regime, relapse and made rapid weight gain from excess calorie consumption & just too damn demotivated to even get off that sofa!

Don’t give it up just yet. I’ve been there, made the mistakes, learnt a whole bunch and now BUILT a PROVEN SYSTEM too that can help you get back in shape. I believe in developing a strong foundation from the ground up. At ALL STRENGTH, the key drive is to provide an alternative method to keep you on track for the long haul. I DO NOT promise quick fixes instead focus on equipping you with practical applications and education of the mechanisms at play to see you SUCCEED. Ultimately, I want to make this challenging journey a little less challenging and a little bit more enjoyable and most importantly, doable.

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ALL STRENGTH is proud to offer a cutting-edge approach to coaching and training.

At All Strength we say NO to guess work, frustration, vicious cycles to nowhere, and over-priced cookie-cutter programs. Smart, simple, straight, step by step path to results is our aim.  

What does this mean? 

Don’t have hours to spend in the gym or kitchen? Good, neither do we. At All Strength we provide a NO-NONSENSE results-based coaching & training. Empowered by simple philosophies that stand the test of time with a touch of modern sophistication tailored specifically for you.

We work with YOU that means NO cookie-cutter BullSh*t programs! 

Each training program is built for YOU.

How many repetitions? Sets? Exercises? Don’t pull your hair out just yet! We are a firm believer in minimal effort & maximal results. We will start off where we find your body is responding effectively and build from there. Our aim at ALL STRENGTH is to have as many tools in our toolbox as possible and knowing exactly when to use them!

Eat & Enjoy meals for YOU.

We don’t want to starve you but educate you. Long have the days gone were chicken & broccoli were the staple diet for those trying to achieve the body of Greek gods (today’s equivalent of your every ass shot ig model or favorite natural physique competitor).

We believe in fundamentals, helping internalise what matters and what does not. And once armed with the strongest of foundation let you enjoy your way to a sexy beach body without making it too complicated! Without making this sound like a dream, this doesn’t mean we’ll put you on a six snickers and ice cream diet a day… but maybe let you get away with one. 😉

Progress is the main aim of the game.

That’s why each month, based on our assessments and your progress to date you will be given an updated program.

All meal plans will be devised based on your goals, we revise bi-weekly and make change accordingly depending on your goal. With continual e-mail support, we will be able to make the necessary adjustments and get you to where you want to quicker!

In words of the great Optimus Prime, Let’s Roll!

For more information on coaching, just fill out the form with some info, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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