Gold Package In Person Personal Training


Gold Package In Person Personal Training


Equivalent of 4 x sessions per week

Total 16 In Person Sessions Per Month

Save your self the stress and time of trying to figure it out watching countless youtube videos without anyone to see if you’re doing it right or not. Having an experienced trainer live in person with you taking you through every step, diligently critiquing and speeding up the process to you reaching your goals! Not only that you’ll also have all the other important work outside the gym covered too! Have a look below what is also in offer!

A meticulous full scale audit of dietary habit

Carefully integrate your nutritional plan within you existing lifestyle

Full scale supplementation program,

A fully personalized training program,

NO guess work,

Every load (weight), Repetitions, rest intervals are meticulously planned just for You,

Your source of motivation, Getting those last few reps past the barrier of fatigue.

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